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Posted: August 14, 2019   •   Posted in: Large format, Printing

How to create eye-popping banners

Want to know the secret to eye popping banners?

Keep it simple.

The whole point of a printed banner is for it to be seen from a distance. To quickly convey its message. And to attract attention.

To achieve this, its design should be as minimal as possible. Use one large image, a simple headline and a single call-to-action.

Why is a call-to-action so important? Well, people like direction. They want to be told what to do next. Make that decision for them. If you want them to visit your website, include a link; if they should call you, include your phone number!

Printer banner and flags

Keep your vinyl banners simple

What’s the point of this darn banner?
If the point of your banner is not immediately obvious, it’s obviously not doing its job.

In all likelihood, people will not stop to look at your banner as they may do with a poster. They’ll glance at it as they’re moving or driving. So, make sure the text is large and the font readable.

Use bold colours and high-quality images. The colour can make you stand out from your surroundings. The images will draw people in and reinforce your message. Dark colours will stand out on a light background, and vice versa. But avoid light on light, or dark on dark. Yellows and whites together, for example, just won’t be seen from a distance.

Ensure your printed banners are seen from a distance

Go big & bold
Meanwhile two streets away…
“That banner is huge, you can see it for miles!”

Effective banners are designed to be seen! Talk to the print team at Kall Kwik to decide on the best size for your banner.

We can print your banner in a wide range of standard sizes and can also make up bespoke banners depending upon your requirements.

If you haven’t got anything to attach the banner to we can supply strong ‘A’ Frames such as the one shown above. They are easy to assemble and ensure the banner is displayed at its best.

Flag Printing Service

Printed flags also attract attention

Flag it up
Because not all advertising is static…

An alternative to outdoor banners, flags flapping in the wind are a wonderful method of attracting the public’s attention.

For indoor spaces, fabric banners can be printed on both sides, making them an excellent marketing tool.

Whether you require big banners, fabulous flags or super signs, Kall Kwik can ensure you’re the talk of the town.

Get a quote for your printed vinyl banners

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