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Posted: July 16, 2019   •   Posted in: Recognition Express Suffolk

Reward success with trophies and awards

What do you give your staff to congratulate them on a job well done?

A pat on the back? A bonus? Nothing?…

There are many reasons why your company should reward your employees. From improved productivity and teamwork to reduced staff turnover, forward-thinking businesses are increasingly acknowledging the importance of recognising success in the workplace.

‘Employee of the Month’ and other Rewards

Why is rewarding your staff so important? Well basically, it’s to satisfy the human being’s fundamental need for recognition. Unless your workforce is a team of robots, employee recognition is a vital component in building a successful team.

By motivating your workforce, you can encourage them to improve their own productivity, strengthen employee and employer relations, inspire an appreciated workforce to overachieve and benefit from the extra output created by a team that enjoy their work.

The best bit is that the cost of awards such as ‘Employee of the Month’ is insignificant compared to the benefits of these happy and motivated staff.

Many companies, however, are still failing to appreciate the positive impact rewarding staff can have.

The National Employee Research Survey undertaken in 2018, showed that 90% of employees felt recognition was important to them. However, 55% felt that they received little or no recognition from their employer.

On the flip side, more than 72% said they would work harder if they were to get more appreciation.


Engraved annual awards

Reward success with trophies and awards

Trophies and awards are a great way to celebrate success. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, plaques and trophies can be etched or engraved to make them personal to the recipient.

As a twist on the conventional award, why not consider a travelling trophy? One trophy is awarded to a deserving member of staff. When they then see a colleague who is equally deserving of the award they pass it on. Encouraging staff to choose co-workers worthy of this award improves the spirit within the team.

Of course, it’s not just trophies that can be used to celebrate success. Engraved hip flasks, tankards, pens and other personalised gifts can make a wonderful reward for reaching a career milestone or a certain number of years’ service.

As long as an award is meaningful, the effect it has on morale will be noticeable.

Kall Kwik Bury St Edmunds provide unique trophies and awards for your staff recognition programme

Kall Kwik and our sister company Recognition Express Suffolk can help with your staff recognition programmes. We supply an extensive range of trophies and awards to help you reward success. Whether glass awards, plaques, medals or trophies, we have something for all events. With quick turnaround times and competitive pricing, speak to the team at Recognition Express on 01284 752272 or email [email protected].