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Posted: July 12, 2019   •   Posted in: Graphic Design, Marketing Tips, Printing

5 top tips for creating effective and professional marketing flyers

Are you looking to promote an event, a new product or your business in general? If so, a flyer can be an effective medium to use. When targeted correctly, they can prove to be a cost-effective marketing tool.

According to the Joint Industry Committee (JIC) for Mail, 64% of door drops are looked at immediately, with 15% put aside to be looked at later

That’s a high level of engagement.

Given that £260m was spent on door drops in 2018, it seems marketers see their continued effectiveness too.

To make your leaflet or flyer soar, you’ll need to follow these tips.

Follow these tips to make a good flyer great!

1) Who is your audience?

Leaflet Printing

Before you start designing and writing your leaflet, think about who it will be aimed at.

An effective leaflet will be targeted at a certain demographic.

Is your event focused towards the younger generation? Will your product appeal mainly to high earners?

Aiming your leaflet or flyer at the wrong audience is a waste of time, effort and money.

By knowing your audience, the design process will be easier as well. As the message will be focused, the style, language and images choices will come easy too, helping your leaflet to almost write itself.

2) One image is better than many

Printed flyers for trotter & Deane

The first thing people will notice about your flyer is the image used. The human brain can process an image in only 13 milliseconds. While you may have a temptation to use lots of pictures to showcase all your products or services, one big image will have a greater visual impact.

Given this initial impact is what will, in all likelihood, encourage your reader to read your flyer, it’s important to get it right.

Multiple images can look scrappy and won’t communicate your message effectively.

And neither will low quality images. Those taken off the company website almost certainly won’t look impressive enough in print, which can harm your brand image.

3) Keep text short and snappy

If the image ‘hooks’ your audience, your text is where you can convert them into customers.

Leaflets are usually printed on A5 or A6 stock (although some companies do go up to A3 size), so space is at a premium. Use short sentences, and ensure your copy is succinct and to the point. Bullet points and lists can be an effective way of delivering lots of information in an easy to digest format.

A good headline can really grab a reader’s attention, so take time to think about the perfect 5 or 6-word caption to sell your products.

At the other end of the scale, don’t forget your call to action. Tell people where to go next. Always ensure you incorporate your contact information, including your website and social media channels, so people can contact you to find out more.

Finally, and most importantly, in the text section – check, check and double-check your work. Typos make your brand look unprofessional, while wrong pricing can be an expensive mistake.

Get it right at the start by effectively proofing your work.

It’ll save you money in the long run.


4) Use your logo intelligently

Of course, you’ll want to put your logo on your flyer. But, unless it’s well-known it may not serve much purpose.

So, save space by making your logo a little smaller in the first instance. And avoid the temptation to put the logo at the top of the page, where it may detract from the headline. Try putting it in the bottom corner instead.

5) Match colours to your branding

Leaflet Printing

Colour is important in branding. Keep your marketing on brand by using your corporate colours. While black and white will not look as impressive as a full-colour flyer, overusing different shades can also create a look that is painful on the eye.

Bright hues can attract attention, but don’t go over the top.

It’s it important to ensure your flyer is easy to read, and your message is not lost, drowning in a sea of colour.

Leaflet and Flyer printing in Bury St Edmunds

If you want effective flyers printed for your business in Suffolk, get in contact with Kall Kwik Bury St Edmunds. We can design and print your leaflets and flyers on a wide range of paper stock, with a choice of finishes. Give us a call on 01284 752266 or email [email protected] to find out more.

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