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Posted: February 28, 2019   •   Posted in: Printing

Use direct mail to promote your business

In a digital world, direct mail continues to be an important part of your marketing armoury.

Delivering a knockout mailshot doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. We’ll manage the entire process from design to delivery, so you don’t have to.

This is what Kall Kwik can do for you…

Your mailshot: Signed, sealed and delivered.

Somewhere nearby a savvy sales director was signing off the final artwork for their mailshot. He knew the team at Kall Kwik would handle the rest for him.

Kall Kwik Bury St Edmunds can:

  • Design your mailshot
  • Print your mailshot
  • Cleanse your database

Having designed and printed the awesome mailshot, the team at Kall Kwik had one more trick up their sleeve…

They looked after the boring bit of inserting the mailers into the addressed envelopes in the blink of an eye.

Another tedious job eliminated and big smiles all round from our customers.

Kall Kwik Bury St Edmunds can:

  • Fold the mailshot
  • Insert the mailshot into the envelopes
  • Print addresses and return addresses onto envelopes
  • Frank the envelopes

Meanwhile, in an office close by, the entire accounts department had been sealing envelopes all day… …If only they’d let Kall Kwik do the job for them.

Kall Kwik Bury St Edmunds can design, print and deliver your direct mail campaign

From designing great looking promotional material, to printing it and putting it in envelopes, we’ll make sure your direct mail marketing campaign is effective. To speak to our design or print teams, call us on 01284 752266 or email [email protected].