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Posted: April 10, 2018   •   Posted in: Graphic Design, Printing

The importance of proofing your artwork

A popular saying in schools across the country, ‘check, check and check again’ is never more important than in the world of print. While typos on a website can be easily rectified, incorrect text on a printed page is irreversible and can lead to embarrassment and irreparable brand damage.

While invariably hilarious when it happens to somebody else, it can be frustrating when it happens to you. Especially if the mistake was made on your side. This is why that old school mantra is so important. You really can never check a document too much.

What to look for when proofing artwork?

Spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar, missing words. There can be lots of errors that are easily missed when speed reading an article, especially one that you yourself have written.

Here are the most important elements to check:

  • Text – check for grammar, typos and consistency (bear in mind that the designer may have manually typed some of the text, so double check the final proof, even if the original text was 100% correct). Spellcheckers are good, but don’t rely on them. Nothing beats the human eye.
  • Contact details – ensure phone numbers, email addresses, etc. are correct. Even the best piece of work will fail to make sales if your customers can’t contact you.
  • Dates – If you’re promoting an event, make sure the date and times are correct. Remember 12 am is the morning and 12 pm is midday!
  • Offers – Check the decimal point is in the right place. Customers will be quick to take advantage of a special offer that’s just a bit too special!
  • Page Order – Make sure your pages flow correctly.
  • Clarity – Check a printed copy to ensure images are sharp enough, and text is legible.

How to check a proof copy?

It’s often worth getting someone who hasn’t been involved in the production of the copy to read through your work to double check there are no errors. A second pair of eyes will certainly help you to spot mistakes, especially if they’ve never seen the copy before.

Other things to think about

Proof your work at a time when you won’t be distracted, maybe in the morning when you’ll be at your freshest!

Don’t forget to factor in enough time to proof your work before your deadline. It may seem an unnecessary extra step, but it could save you a fortune in the long run. Reprinting an entire print run can be expensive, but may be the only option if a mistake is found in the final copy.

Don’t forget to let us have your approval

We require a final written sign off for all work before going to print as we’re keen to avoid any problems once the job has gone into production. This is your last chance to make any changes before receiving your printed job, so really take the time to make sure you’re 100% happy, before giving your final approval.

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