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Posted: February 28, 2014   •   Posted in: Marketing Tips

Exhibitions & Events tips (Part 1)

It’s not just what you do at an exhibition.. it’s also how well..

  • you plan for it
  • you promote it
  • you brief and train your team
  • your stand attracts attention
  • your brochures convey key messages
  • you follow up sales leads after the event

What’s at stake?

Your business’s continued success largely depends on its ability to attract new customers.
However, finding new contacts – and establishing a meaningful dialogue – can be extremely time-consuming.

Exhibitions and events can give you the opportunity to condense a vast number of ‘meet and greets’ into just a few days.

Whereas other marketing activities may result in initial contact via the phone, email or post, exhibitions offer you face to-face interaction with new prospects – so you can accurately ‘qualify’ the potential of each sales lead and rapidly develop closer relationships.

Show-and-tell at the event

Incentives for visitors
A competition could entice visitors onto your stand… and help you to capture contact information. Limited period offers – for a ‘free initial consultation’ or ‘special exhibition price’ – can also help to boost interest.

Branded gifts – especially those that end up on the visitor’s office desk – can keep your contact information in front of the visitor over the long term.

Stand etiquette
The general appearance of your personnel contributes to the overall image of your business:

  • slouching in chairs makes your business look less professional
  • standing at the edge of your exhibition stand – arms crossed, in a ‘repel all
  • boarders’ stance – creates a barrier for potential visitors

Motivate your personnel
Keeping up sales performance throughout an exhibition calls for stamina. Incentive schemes
that recognise achievement could help to motivate staff, by providing rewards for:

  • the highest value of sales
  • the greatest number of quality sales leads

… either on a daily basis or across the entire event.

Prioritising your sales leads
Grading your sales leads can make it easier to prioritise follow-up activities. Grading
factors could include:

  • timescale to purchase
  • job position and influence on purchases
  • value of contract
  • potential for repeat business
  • competitive position versus other suppliers

Capitalise on free publicity
Ask the event organisers for names of journalists and publications that have been invited to the event – and establish contact with any that are relevant to your market.

Place press packs – including a ‘company backgrounder’ and your latest press releases – in the press office before the event starts.