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Leaflet Printing in Bury St Edmunds

Leaflets and flyers are still one of the most powerful marketing channels. A printed tangible leaflet delivers your message with impact and stays to hand in a way no digital marketing hit does. Find out more about how leaflets will help market your business in Bury St Edmunds and Suffolk. Contact our print team on 01284 752266 or email [email protected].

Leaflets are an incredibly effective marketing approach, but they require strategic and careful planning. The objective is to convey a core message with minimal words and captivating graphics.

We offer leaflets from A6 to A3 in size in a wide range of weights of paper (80 – 300 gms) with a gloss, silk or matt finish. Leaflets can be folded or supplied flat. If you need help to get them out to clients why not try our direct mail service?

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Fold choice

Fold choice

Different leaflets and flyers convey a different feel, e.g. a one-sided flyer is great for advertising an event, whereas a two-side is suitable for communicating more detail or containing a tick list or form. In addition, deliver more information with a folded leaflet, e.g. tri-fold, concertina fold or gatefold. The style you choose needs to suit your project.

Paper choice and finish

Paper choice and finish

The look and feel of the leaflet is dependent on your paper choice and finish. Choose which suits your message best, from heavy-weight embossed luxury leaflets to gloss advertising flyers suitable for mailing. We hold a wide range of creative stocks so that you can choose the style you want with paperweights from 80 – 450 gsm. Choose from matt, silk or gloss. We also offer recycled options.

Leaflet design

Leaflet design

The design of your leaflet is critical. It must be branded effectively and combine graphics, images, colours, and font choices to best communicate your message. In addition, carefully consider the content to pack a punch and deliver your key messages and signpost next steps and contact details while being easy-to-read and captivating.

Leaflet types

Leaflets and flyers are suitable for a range of different marketing objectives:

  • Showcase products effectively
  • Advertise and promote events and increase attendance
  • Deliver key business messages
  • Provide pricing and service information
  • Distribute returnable forms
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Giveaways at trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Vouchers and offers

The benefits of leaflet marketing

  • Spread the word to your target audience exclusively; don’t waste time, effort or money reaching out to an audience that is too broad.
  • Reach people away from their saturated digital world.
  • Give something tangible that recipients can reflect on and hold. Leaflets have a ‘shelf-life’ that doesn’t exist with digital media, radio or TV ads.
  • Cost-effective marketing. It costs mere pennies per leaflet and offers an excellent return on investment.
  • Versatile: there is a wide choice in leaflet and flyer styles, sizes and shapes.
  • Brand-focused with defined artwork and messaging.
  • Increase awareness.
  • People share leaflets from hand to hand – they are a powerful sharing media.
  • People inherently trust print over digital media.
  • Continue building a relationship with the recipient after the point of contact.

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Our print team can help recommend the most cost-effective quantities, paper stock, size and finish of your leaflets. Our direct mail service makes distribution simple, and our graphic design service can help you achieve your goals.

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