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Exhibition Display Stands in Bury St Edmunds

If you’re looking to create a big impression at your next show, our modular exhibition display stands could be just the answer.

For businesses that attend a lot of trade shows throughout the year, our modular display systems are a great alternative to conventional pop-up stands. Innovative and simple to configure, these systems can be assembled in just minutes, and can be built up to six metres in height.

Exhibition Display Stands
Exhibition Display Stands

Build your display with ease

Creating a big display area, the aluminium frame can be constructed using a simple twist and lock action, and easily reconfigured to your individual design, all without the need for specialist tools.

Whilst pre-assembled display stands are great for one-off exhibitions, the beauty of this system is its versatility. The same frame can be taken down after one event, before being reconstructed in a different style for the next one. This means the system is perfect for exhibiting at different shows with differing amounts of space, allowing you to use the same parts time after time.

Custom graphics can be printed onto traditional panels, as well as fabric, rigid or foam boards, to create a unique look. While the frame remains the same, these panels can be redesigned and replaced whenever needed, to keep your stand looking up-to-date, without needing to pay for a whole new system.

Ideal for displaying your printed media, the frame can also be customised to hold projector screens, shelving and display cabinets. Downlighting on shelving units can highlight your products to the maximum, while a backlight can create a powerful light-wall effect.

Flexible solutions

Unlike other, one use systems, this display unit can be free standing or attached to a shell system, allowing it to be used at any show, regardless of the display area’s dimensions or layout.

Everything is bespoke. From countertops that are designed to match your corporate colours, to different flooring options for the base, you are in complete control.

Want to see a visual representation of your system before production? No problem! We can produce rendered visuals of your finished stand before it’s built, showing the layout of the frame, as well as a 3D mock-up complete with graphics – allowing you to visualise your designs before you buy.

If you want to add sections on in the future all you need to do is buy the additional parts you need and then add them on to your existing kit. Unlike a pop-up stand where the size and shape is fixed, the opportunities with our modular systems are endless. Want to add some shelves? No problem. Add a counter area? Easy!


What are the advantages?

  • Lightweight and simple to transport
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Easy to build – no tools required!
  • Flexible – reconfigure in minutes
  • Virtually limitless configurations!*

* Additional parts and graphics may be required

What can they be used for?

  • Exhibition Stands
  • Catering Area
  • Retail Displays
  • Photo Booths
  • Pop-up Shops
  • Point-of-Sale

Our modular systems are not just for shows. When you’re not exhibiting, why not erect a display in your reception or boardroom, for a truly complete marketing solution?

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