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Funeral orders of service in Bury St Edmunds

At a very difficult time, you can rely on Kall Kwik to produce a professionally designed and printed Funeral Order of Service.

Typically A5 in size, we can include photographs of your loved one and any specific wishes you may have to produce a precious memento and to help celebrate the life of the deceased. We have a wide range of papers and cards and can print in black or in colour.

In Memorial Cards

We can also produce Memorial Cards – a treasured keepsake for mourners including a photograph and a special message or prayer.

Memory Cards

Helping friends to comfort the next of kin. These are normally photograph cards with space for mourners to write their own special memory.

Testimonial from Armstrongs Funeral Service

“At Armstrongs Funeral Service we use these guys quite a lot to produce order of service booklets for the families we are looking after. This isn’t easy as there are quite tight time-scales involved and they have to be perfect and be proofread by upset families, ministers and ourselves before final printing.

They have never let us down and produce work of the highest quality and I can wholeheartedly recommend them. We are very exacting in our standards here at Armstrongs and only work with who we believe are the best and the guys here are one of them.”

– Nick Armstrong

Funeral orders of service

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