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Posted: October 26, 2017   •   Posted in: Graphic Design, Printing

Why We Love Printed Calendars (And You Should, Too!)

A marketing tool that will keep your brand in front of your customers for the entire year. A fun but useful item that will be kept. A great marketing tool. Here’s why we love printed calendars so much at Kall Kwik Bury St Edmunds…

Promote 12 products in 1 year with 1 calendar

There are 12 months every year. That means 12 pages on which to promote your products and services throughout that year. There are very few other marketing products that can provide 12 advertisements in one document.

Why not promote a different deal each month to really encourage engagement? Limited time offers encourage your client to act. After all, they can’t claim they don’t know on which day a promotion finishes!

Reinforce your brand

What better way to promote your logo or slogan than by having it in front of your customer every day for the next 12-month period? Even people who have never heard of you today will very quickly learn who you are. By having your calendar sat on their desk or hanging from the wall they are effectively endorsing your company. Anyone they have a meeting with will see your branding too, compounding the marketing potential. Use your corporate colours to further emphasise your brand.

Have Fun with images, designs and styles

Calendars don’t have to be boring. Great images can make your calendar stand out. People won’t choose what calendar to display based on who sent it, but will pick the one that looks the best. Make sure it’s yours with a professionally designed calendar from Kall Kwik Bury St Edmunds. Our skilled designers can help you create a look that will be enjoyed all year round.

If the images and design are good enough, a calendar may even become a collectable object. It’ll certainly be one your client looks forward to receiving every year.

Calendars come in a range of shapes and sizes. Choose from a desktop, CD or wall calendar, individually personalised with your company name, logo and sales message. Recipients will have no reason not to contact you!

Calendars make a great corporate gift

Uninspiring flyers are easy to bin. Boring business cards simple to lose amongst many others. Of course, having them designed and printed by our creative team in Bury St Edmunds, will ensure your business card is top of the pile, your flyer acted upon, not binned. But a calendar is different. Because it’s useful as well as attractive, the recipient will be thankful you gifted it. A good giveaway alongside your corporate Christmas card, calendars are a gift that won’t be thrown away. Until maybe next year when you give them an even better, fresher offering.

Calendar printing

Calendar Printing in Bury St Edmunds and Suffolk from Kall Kwik

If you’re looking to keep your name in front of your customers for a long period, look no further than a personalised calendar printed by Kall Kwik Bury St Edmunds. Whether you’re looking for desktop, CD or wall calendars we can help.

To find out more call us on 01284 752266 or email [email protected].


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