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Promotional Promo Tubes

Promotional Promo Tubes filled with chocolates, jelly beans, fudge or biscuits!

If you’re looking for a tasty promotional idea that will go down well with your customers then our branded promo tubes could just be the answer. Filled with a wide range of sweets, biscuits or jelly beans our tubes provide a huge branding space for your business to help get your message across.

We have a fantastic range of fillings, something for every taste and budget. From crunchy biscuits to fun-sized chocolate eggs, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect filler for you. We can even provide a refreshing brew to wash them all down with!

Available in two sizes and with a low minimum order quantity of just 60 (depending on the size of the tube and the filling) we can create a promotion for your customers to bring a smile to their face.

To find out more view our promo tubes brochure send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll help create a tasty campaign for you.

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