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The importance of business cards in a digital age

The importance of business cards in a digital age

How would you describe a business card?

The first impression people get of your brand?

A personal means of exchanging contact information?

Or an obsolete marketing tool that’ll make you seem old fashioned?

In today’s digital age, how do business cards fit in and have they had their time?

We think they are more relevant than ever.

Business cards are tactile

If you want a tool that creates a great first impression and makes your company look that you mean business, then you’ll need a professionally designed and printed business card. Often an introduction to your brand, a quality business card can speak volumes about what you do and how you do it, in a short period of time when given to a potential new client.

The look, the message it portrays and the weight of the card it’s printed on all conjure up an impression of your company values in literally seconds. It appeals to not one but two of your senses – sight and touch.

Business cards are a great marketing tool

A business card doesn’t have to be boring. There are a range of finishes that can make you stand out. If you’re in a creative industry having an imaginative card can reflect your artistic brand values.

While a boring card can get lost amongst 1000’s of others, a well-designed and good looking card will be retained. And if you’ve created a good impression then you will hopefully be added to a digital database as well – the best of both worlds.

With a business card, you’re in charge of the message you want to portray. While the front is usually reserved for contact details, the back can be used to highlight your services or deliver your key message. Digitally handing over your name and number simply doesn’t do this.

Business cards are portable

There are occasions when electronic communication just doesn’t work. An internet blackspot, an empty battery, networking on a plane, dealing with someone who doesn’t have a smartphone. There are times when digitally delivering your contact details isn’t feasible. Handing over a business card only relies on you remembering to put a few in your jacket pocket. No Wi-Fi? No problem!

If you do want to combine print and digital why not add a QR code to your card that links to your website or LinkedIn profile? Or an NFC chip that triggers a link to your website?

Business cards are personal

Unlike swapping phone contacts, which involves typing on a digital device, business cards can be handed over while maintaining eye contact. And unlike when reciting your telephone number to a contact, or writing in illegible handwriting on a notepad, there is no chance your contact details can be confused when using a business card.

In contrast to a fleeting virtual connection, handing over a quality business card alongside a great pitch will ensure the recipient won’t forget who you are before you’ve even returned to the office.

Standing the test of time

Yes, there are electronic alternatives to business cards, but the tried and tested printed method remains a more personal way of doing business.

What is going to be more relatable when a potential contact reviews an event; a physical business card, or a virtual ‘connection’ on a social network such as LinkedIn? That can come after the initial meeting anyway.

In an ever increasing digital world business cards are bucking the trend and are standing out as an essential marketing tool which helps you deliver a personal message on a one-to-one basis.

At Kall Kwik we can design and print business cards that will really help you stand out from the crowd and create that great first impression which you crave. With a range of finishes and card types to choose from, we can produce a diverse range of styles and designs to make your business cards even more memorable.

To find out more, why not contact our design team on 01284 752266 or email

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