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Posted: May 20, 2019   •   Posted in: Large format

How to make your exhibition stand stand out!

When attending a conference or exhibition, having a bespoke stand custom built has historically been the way to go. Created to specific dimensions and design requirements, custom exhibition stands are purpose-built for each show, meaning they fit exactly.

Nowadays though, there is another option on the market: The modular display stand.

What is the difference between modular and custom-built exhibition displays?

A custom display is one that has been purpose built for a specific use or one-off event. This allows them to have very specific designs. Made from a combination of wood and metal, and finished with paint and laminates, custom display stands are robust, making them perfect for semi-permanent exhibitions.

While a custom-built display has its advantages, there are also some drawbacks associated with the concept. Most notably, its one-time usability. Because they are built specifically for an event, they won’t, in all likelihood, be effective at any other show. They can be difficult to erect, and due to their size, are also difficult to store and transport.

Modular stands, on the other hand, are made from individual parts. Combined they build up the stand in a variety of shapes, angles and heights. Created from lightweight materials they can be assembled and disassembled effortlessly. Packed away into small cases, modular stands can also be transported easily.

Why are modular display systems so popular?

Increasingly, marketers are opting for modular display systems for their exhibiting needs. While previously custom displays offered unrivalled design possibilities, today’s modular displays offer even more flexibility in design.

Flexible – Built from individual components that are connected together to make a multitude of shapes and designs, modular displays are simple to put up, without the need for professional assistance.

With these display stands, everything is bespoke to you and your company. Countertops can be matched to your corporate colours. Flooring available in a range of options. With the option to add backlighting to create a light wall effect, shelving and display cabinets or projector screens, the possibilities are vast.

Reusable – The number one advantage of modular display stands over a custom built one is that they can be easily used over and over.

Built one module at a time, the stand can be rebuilt time and again, either in the same design or into something completely different. Where a bigger display is required, simply buy extra components to incorporate into your existing kit.

Practical – Modular displays are the practical choice when it comes to display stands. Transportation is easy, especially when compared to moving a custom-built stand. Being component-led, the stand can be broken down and easily transported in a van.

They’re also easy to construct at the event, being installed quickly and without the need for a professional team, saving time and money.

This video shows how a modular display can be constructed in under an hour:

Cost-effective – With the budgetary demands placed on marketers, choosing the most economical solution is a necessity. Opting for a modular display represents a cost-effective solution. The reusability of the system, ease of adding parts and self-install all create savings.

By simply replacing graphics and not creating a whole new stand for each show, the savings soon add up.

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