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Posted: May 18, 2017   •   Posted in: Printing

5 ways to use stickers in your advertising campaigns

Remember when you were small and got given a sticker for being brave at the dentist? Or received a gold star for doing a particularly good drawing at school? Stickers are a fun way of rewarding kids, with the lucky child who gets to wear one being the talk of the class for the day.

Often overlooked by adults, stickers can, in fact, be a great marketing tool, appealing to our inner child and just generally brightening up our everyday lives.

Here are five great uses of stickers…

1. Packaging – Brighten up a boring brown box with a bright sticker displaying your company logo or a link to your website. A QR code may be an effective way to raise intrigue into where it leads. Why not try linking to a promotion code that only people who scan the sticker can receive?

First impressions count, and a small touch can have a massive impact. Use a sticker to seal an envelope or fasten a piece of tissue paper around a delicate product to really impress your customers.

2. Events – A sticker can be a great way of attracting attention at an exhibition or event. Like the child wearing an ‘I was brave at the dentist’ sticker, visitors to your stand who receive a branded sticker will create interest amongst people who haven’t got one. By wanting to join in the fun, they’ll be inclined to seek you out, offering you a chance to sell, sell, sell!

3. Viral Marketing – Clever use of stickers can be an effective way of gaining attention for your brand. In the company’s early days, reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian spent $500 on stickers of his alien logo. He then travelled around America stickering random objects and handing them out at events and meetups, encouraging people to ‘sticker responsibly’. This created a buzz about his brand. Now reddit has over 234 million unique users. Proof of the power of stickers!

4. Promotions – BOGOF! 25% off! Stickers stuck onto individual products can be a good way to promote special offers or other campaigns. A nice finishing touch, a sticker can really make your promotions stand out. After all, who doesn’t love a bargain?

5. Floor Graphics – Stickers don’t have to be small. Large floor graphics can advertise promotions or product launches, or just direct people around your store. Used effectively, a floor graphic can bring your flooring to life – perfect in instances when wall space is limited and you want to create a big impression.

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So, there you have five great ways of using stickers to promote your brand. Hopefully, this article will have enthused you about the multitude of uses of stickers and inspired you to incorporate them into your next marketing campaign.

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