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Posted: April 4, 2017   •   Posted in: Large format

Putting up a modular exhibition display stand (Time-lapse video)

Setting up a modular display system in less than 1 hour! Perfect for businesses that attend a lot of exhibitions and trade shows throughout the year, our modular display systems are lightweight, simple to transport, flexible and easy to build.

Creating a big display area, the aluminium frame can be constructed using a simple twist and lock action, and easily reconfigured to your individual design, all without the need for specialist tools.

Whilst pre-assembled display stands are great for one-off exhibitions, the beauty of this system is its versatility. The same frame can be taken down after one event, before being reconstructed in a different style for the next one. This means the system is perfect for exhibiting at different shows with differing amounts of space, allowing you to use the same parts time after time.

Find out more about our modular display exhibition stand here

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