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Posted: March 7, 2017   •   Posted in: Printing

Say hello to our new range of premium layered business cards

A business card of supreme quality

You’ve ended that important sales meeting and handed over your business card. Your potential customer’s accepted it, done a double take and turned it over a few times, before carefully placing it on their desk ready to examine it in greater detail when you’ve left. The chances are you’ve handed over one of our multi-layered business cards. And they’re impressed. If you care about your presentation then you create the image that you’re hopefully going to care about their business too.

Your image matters

When you really want to stand out from the crowd, a layered business card is ultra-thick and exudes an impression of high quality. One or two sheets are sandwiched between two ultra-white outers to form a luxury card that will really impress.

When attempting to showcase your business, you’ll want to stand out from the competition. With layered business cards, the middle sheets are coloured (you can choose from a selection of 12 vibrant tones to complement your company’s identity), allowing you to really reflect your brand image, as well as achieving the much sought after feel of quality.

Core Colours

Winning sales pitches

Take a look at your current business cards. Are they reflecting your business in the best possible light? If you don’t think so, your customers probably won’t either. Whether you want a multi-layered business card or want a conventional card with spot UV or embossing we can transform an under-performing tool into something that can effectively promote your brand and ultimately win you customers.

So, the next time you end a sales pitch, will you close with a whimper, or conclude the meeting in style with a deluxe business card?

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As well as a huge selection of business cards, Kall Kwik can also help you produce other items of business stationary, including compliment slips, letterheads and a wide range of marketing materials.

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