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Posted: February 11, 2012   •   Posted in: Company News

The WOW factor!

Wow! That’s been the general reaction when customers have visited our new office for the first time. The amount of space we now have in our reception, design studio and print area puts us in a great position to help us take the business to the next level, and offer an even greater variety of print and web solutions to our clients.

After 20 years on Angel Hill our move to Eastern Way was a major step to provide us with more room to allow us to expand. At Burridge House we now have 3 times the amount of space than we previously did, and we often wonder how we managed to cope.

Our car parking just outside the office seems to have been a big hit with our customers too and it’s been great to welcome many of you over the last four months. We are already in the process of talking with equipment suppliers and have added another colour digital press to cope with the extra demand we are currently seeing.

New member to the team

In the design studio we have also expanded and are pleased to welcome a new member of staff, Jo Robinson, as graphic designer who will work alongside Gordon to ensure we can continue to turn around jobs as quickly as possible.

A lot of our customers seem to be focussing their attention on updating their websites and corporate image at the moment to help keep themselves ahead of the competition. First impressions really do count and the look of your marketing material can greatly influence how potential new customers view your company and decide whether to do business with you. If you feel your literature needs a makeover why not give us a ring on 01284 752266 and we’ll gladly see what we can do to help.

We would love to see you

If you are in the area and are able to call in we would be delighted to welcome you and show you round our new offices. You can then judge for yourself whether we’ve got the WOW factor!