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Direct to garment printing in Suffolk

Direct to garment printing (or DTG as it’s known) is ideal for printing full colour t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and cotton shopper bags. We use a state of the art printer specifically designed to print directly onto clothing and this revolutionary process offers many benefits:

Printing short print runs of t-shirts are possible
From 1 to a hundred items of clothing DTG is ideal. Unlike screen printing where you have to create a screen for each colour of the design, with DTG we can print straight from our customers files without any set up charge. This makes the production of short run t-shirts, hoodies and bags a very economic choice.

Looking for printed t-shirts in a hurry?
As we don’t have to create any screens we can print t-shirts very quickly so if you need your personalised t-shirts in a hurry this is an ideal choice.

Direct to garment printing
Direct to garment printing

Complex t-shirt designs can be printed
If you want to print a photograph onto a t-shirt this is the ideal way to do it. No matter how many colours your design has the cost of printing is the same.

You don’t need to carry much stock
If you are a club or society who sell t-shirts to your members traditionally you may have bought a larger quantity which are screen printed in a range of various sizes, and then hope that you’ve got the order right. With DTG printing you can order as you receive your orders and we will print as you require them. No more having to hold stock and being left with sizes that people don’t want.

High quality print
The quality of the print is excellent and so is the feel of the garment. Unlike transfers which can have quite a rigid or heavy feel to the graphic, DTG printed t-shirts have a far more natural feel to them.

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